Metropolitan's Encyclicals August 28, 2018

Encyclical for the Feast of Indiction 2018

A New Ecclesiastical Year invites us, once again, to recommit and rededicate our lives as disciples of the Lord.

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Metropolitan's Encyclicals August 1, 2018

Encyclical for the Feast of the Dormition 2018

The first two weeks in August provide us the opportunity to grow in faith and be strengthened by the intercessions of the Holy Mother of God.

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Metropolitan's Encyclicals April 3, 2018

Paschal Encyclical 2018

Our Paschal celebration finds us at the tomb of the Lord, being instructed to proclaim that the Lord has risen to everyone.

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Metropolitan's Encyclicals March 19, 2018

Encyclical for the Feast of the Annunciation 2018

On March 25 we celebrate the event that inaugurates our salvation. The Virgin Mary learns from the Archangel that she will give birth to a son, who will deliver us from...

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Metropolitan's Encyclicals February 14, 2018

Encyclical for Great Lent 2018

“Where shall I begin the work of my salvation?” cries a hymn of Clean Monday. The Lenten Season calls us into a time of reflection on the state of our lives and our...

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