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To support stewardship efforts within our Parishes, our Metropolis has adopted “Igniting the Flame of True Christian Stewardship” as our official stewardship program. This program is a unique, inspirational and step-by-step educational and interactive experience, based on best practices and Holy Scripture, which teaches how to effectively implement a highly successful stewardship approach. To help our parishes in the planning and design of their programs, fellow Orthodox Christians, representing all regions of our Metropolis, have been trained and are ready to assist.

2022 Equipping and Enriching Parish Life Series

The Equipping and Enriching Parish Life Series expands beyond stewardship and will engage our ministries in presentations and discussions on topics that will help your personal and spiritual growth, deepen your understanding of true Christian stewardship, and provide valuable information and insight into our ministries and how you can continue to serve the Church through your time, talent and treasure.

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