The Purpose

This Saint John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival, started by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese Department of Religious Education in 1983, is an excellent opportunity for our Greek Orthodox teens to think about, research, write and speak publicly about their Faith. Public speaking is a very valuable skill and, through this Festival, the Church provides a supportive and nurturing environment for our young people to do so, and simultaneously the opportunity to learn about their faith! It also provides them with an avenue to meet some of their peers throughout the Metropolis and Archdiocese.


The Parish Festival is organized by an Oratorical Chairman and Committee appointed by the Parish Priest. A Parish Oratorical Festival takes place between January and March. Each Parish sends its finalists to a District Festival. The District Festivals are composed of parishes in specified areas of a Metropolis. District Festivals take place in April and send their finalists to the Metropolis Festival. Each District Chairman is appointed by the Metropolis Hierarch. The Metropolis Festival takes place in May and includes the finalists from each Metropolis. The first place Junior and Senior speakers of each Metropolis advance to the Archdiocese Festival. The Metropolis Chairman is appointed by the Metropolis Hierarch. The Archdiocese Festival takes place in June with the first place Junior and Senior speakers from each Metropolis. 

Saint John Chrysostom

As one of our most honored Church Fathers, Patriarchs, and Saints, and also because of his bold eloquence, it is fitting that the Archdiocese Oratorical Festival be named after Saint John Chrysostom, the most celebrated preacher in the history of the Christian Church. 

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Please note that the Essay and Poetry festival has been discontinued at both the Archdiocesan and the Metropolis levels. Parishes are encouraged to continue with the essay and poetry festival as desired.