Stewardship is about giving back to God what He has blessed you with. This is your opportunity to become a steward of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of San Francisco. By committing your gift to the Metropolis today, you will be a luminary leading the way for others to share their gifts with God and His Holy Church. Invest in the ministries of the Metropolis with your Faith Forward stewardship today!

“Faith Forward has become a vital component of support for our Metropolis. Being stewards of the Church extends beyond our parishes, but to the Metropolis, where your time, talent and treasure provide opportunities for the spiritual, educational and cultural edification of our faithful. Your gift to Faith Forward reflects your love for God and is a demonstration of your commitment to providing a bright future for our Metropolis.”

+ Metropolitan Gerasimos of San Francisco

Your Faith Forward stewardship at work . . .

  • The Clergy Continuing Education ministry is providing innovative educational opportunities for our priests, strengthening the bonds that unite our clergy through mutual support, as well as mentoring newly ordained clergy.
  • Our Greek Village camp celebrated 10 years and has developed into a widely respected program offering language immersion and cultural enrichment.
  • Philoptochos continues to be ambassadors for those in need including children with cancer. They are also a beacon for the exemplary support they offer to our seminarians and students attending Hellenic College Holy Cross School of Theology.
  • The Church Music Ministry now operates within a collaborative infrastructure which includes specialized leadership teams to promote music instruction for chanters, choirs and congregations; Sunday School music resources; and various regional educational seminars.
  • The Family Wellness Ministry is reaching into our communities by offering marriage workshops, men’s retreats, and family enrichment programs. They are also training people at the parish level to serve as Family Wellness coordinators to keep this ministry growing throughout the year.
  • A revitalized Stewardship Ministry is consulting with parishes to assist them in expanding their Stewardship programs, and they are also planning regional Stewardship workshops in 2020.
  • The Orthodox Parish Leadership ministry has provided direct assistance to numerous parishes, supporting healthy communities, growth, and engagement through Strategic Planning, Leadership Development, Parish Revitalization, and Capital Fundraising.
Demonstrate your faith by becoming a Faith Forward steward today. Make your donation today, or if you are interested in monthly giving, contact us today!

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