For nearly ten years, the Metropolis has offered a Monthly Meditation written by one of our clergy, designed to share a timely message and provide for the spiritual edification of our faithful. We have been blessed to have this ministry coordinated by one of our most distinguished clergy, Rev. Father James Adams, who fell asleep in the Lord on September 27, 2017 at the age of 87.


Even up until just days before his passing, Father James would sit at his computer, correspond with clergy and call them to offer words of wisdom and support for their ministries. It brought Father James great joy to not only offer this opportunity for our clergy to participate in the Meditations program, but especially to support an important forum that reaches our faithful.

He was a priest that gave and gave, and then gave some more when it came to his ministry. Father James served 11 communities, over half of which were following his retirement. In addition, he served as Chancellor of the Metropolis of San Francisco twice, a position that required great patience, keen insight into parish life and administration, integrity, and love.


Father James was a trusted priest who served thousands of faithful throughout his long and distinguished ministry. He was a tremendous advocate for his brother clergy, as well as providing valuable guidance and support for the Metropolis. His examples of lifelong service and unselfish dedication are worthy to be emulated by our clergy.

It is in this spirit that we dedicate the October 2017 Monthly Meditation to the memory of our beloved Father James Adams, and offer our gratitude to him for his service and for his examples of selflessness, obedience, humility and compassion.

Well done, good and faithful servant . . . enter in the joy of your Lord.” Matthew 25:21

May his memory be eternal!