Meditations July 1, 2020

The Emotional Challenges of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Fear, uncertainty, anxiety, worry – we may have felt one or more of these emotions in the face of this COVID-19 pandemic. But unchecked, the devil can use fear to...

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Meditations June 1, 2020

A Vast Cloud of Witnesses Surrounds Us

One week following the Celebration of Holy Pentecost, every year, we celebrate the Sunday of All Saints. Like you and me, they all are unique and unrepeatable.

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Meditations May 1, 2020

Practicing Patience

Although we may not know the timeline, we know that this threat of pandemic will pass. Let us take the time to joyfully examine our hearts and our lives.

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Meditations April 1, 2020

Pascha – A Time to Rejoice and Be Grateful

As worshipers of God, we must be reminded that even in this current difficulty we have not been excluded from proper worship of God – in all parts of our life.

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Meditations March 1, 2020

Hard Times Make Virtuous People

Experienced Orthodox Christians know that hard times can make people more virtuous, healthier, and more able to walk the path of salvation.

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