Metropolitan's Messages August 30, 2022

Reflection for the Feast of Indiction 2022

The Feast of Indiction is upon us; the beginning of a new Ecclesiastical Year. The Liturgical cycle begins anew and our parishes reinvigorate their ministries as the summer comes to a close.

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Metropolitan's Messages August 14, 2022

Reflection for the Feast of the Dormition 2022

The Feast of the Dormition marks the final steps of the life-long journey of the Virgin Mary to Christ and celebrates every aspect of her life that was dedicated to the Lord.

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Metropolitan's Messages July 12, 2022

48th Anniversary of the Turkish Invasion of Cyprus

On July 20, 1974 the people of Northern Cyprus suffered greatly during the invasion of the Turkish forces. 48 years later constant reminders of that day persist.

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Metropolitan's Messages May 28, 2022

Statement on the Texas School Shooting 2022

As we continue to celebrate the Glorious Resurrection of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, our hearts are devastated by the tragic school shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

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Metropolitan's Messages April 23, 2022

Reflection for Pascha 2022

Beloved brothers and sisters in the Lord, this Pascha, as you hold your candles and sing “Christos Anesti,” pray that the peace which only Christ can give spreads throughout our world, especially to those who suffer.

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