Metropolitan's Messages July 10, 2020

Reflection on Saint Euphemia the Great Martyr

On September 16 we commemorate the martyrdom of Saint Euphemia. And on July 11, we remember the great miracle that she performed at the Fourth Ecumenical Council in 451...

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Metropolitan's Messages July 3, 2020

Reflection for Independence Day 2020

The ideals and the promise of America attracted our immigrant ancestors. They were drawn to a land that would open her doors to people of all races and creeds and...

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Metropolitan's Messages June 27, 2020

Reflection for the Feasts of Sts. Peter and Paul and the Holy Apostles

On June 29 the Church will celebrate the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul, and on June 30 we will celebrate the Synaxis of the Holy Apostles. The ministry of the Apostles,...

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Metropolitan's Messages June 6, 2020

Reflection for Pentecost 2020

Pentecost is often called the “birthday” of the Church because on this day the first community of Christians formed upon hearing the Gospel preached by the Apostles.

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Metropolitan's Messages June 2, 2020

Statement from Metropolitan Gerasimos on the Current Protests

In a world so desperately in need of the love of Jesus Christ, we must become voices of justice, peace, and unity.

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