Meditations January 1, 2019

Faith, Youth and Emerging Adulthood

When families are involved in the spiritual lives of their young children, their engagement in their own spiritual lives as adults increases dramatically.

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Meditations December 1, 2018

Go and Do Likewise

Saint Spyridon's life teaches us an experiential relationship with God is much more precious than knowledge alone.

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Meditations November 1, 2018

From Portrait to Icon, From Icon to Portrait

Our personal icons and photographs reveal the connections of love and closeness, but in different ways.

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Meditations October 1, 2018

The Inspiration of Saint Gerasimos

Do the pressures of life sometimes close in on you causing anxiety so you feel you can hardly breathe? Saint Gerasimos can help.

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Meditations September 1, 2018

The Centrality of Reading Scripture

As important as doctrine is, the only way to correctly and effectively apply doctrine is to know the Scriptures. We also need to know the Scriptures in order to exhort...

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