The clergy and faithful in the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of San Francisco continue to pray for the dangerous conditions through the west coast brought on by hundreds of raging fires in California, Oregon and Washington. The reports of devastation continue to come in, we many parishioners suffering the loss of their homes, and many others either evacuated or awaiting news that they must vacate their homes.

We are grateful for the outpouring of support so that the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of San Francisco can provide financial assistance to those who are suffering. A special donation link is available on the Metropolis website for those who wish to make a contribution to aid in this relief effort. The Metropolis has formed a special committee which will determine the best and most effective way to direct your donations to ensure they reach those who have been most impacted by the fires.

Thank you for remembering in your prayers all those who have been affected by these fires, as well as the first-responders who are placing themselves in danger for the safekeeping of others.

Photo Credit: Noah Berger/AP