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Press Releases May 2, 2020

Communication and Teamwork Highlight Metropolis Support in Response to Pandemic

Metropolis of San Francisco continues to provide resources and support for our clergy and parishes utilizing technology to create a network of information.

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Metropolitan's Messages May 1, 2020

Reflection for the Sunday of the Myrrh Bearing Women

On the Second Sunday after Pascha, we remember the Myrrh Bearing Women, Mary Magdalene, Mary the Mother of James, and Salome.

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Metropolitan's Messages April 27, 2020

Cancellation of Metropolis Summer Camp Programs

With ongoing concerns over the Coronavirus pandemic, in order to ensure the safety of our youth, young adults, and clergy, we will cancel our summer camps.

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Metropolitan's Messages April 18, 2020

Paschal Reflection 2020

In the Resurrection, those closest to Christ were hiding behind locked doors “out of fear.” Christ, risen from the dead, breaks through those barriers and greets His...

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Metropolitan's Messages April 16, 2020

Holy Friday Reflection 2020

On Holy Friday evening, we yearn to gather at the tomb of Christ, near the Epitaphios icon of Our Lord in the flower-covered kouvouklion, and sing the lamentations.

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