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Announcements March 19, 2013

Metropolis Of San Franciso Inaugural Gala Raises $1 Million

Metropolis Of San Franciso Inaugural Gala Raises $1 Million

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Metropolitan's Encyclicals March 13, 2013

Encyclical for Great Lent 2013

Society encourages us to avoid what is hard; instead we continually send messages that everything can be easy. Yet, when we struggle we open ourselves to meeting Christ.

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Meditations January 1, 2013

Confessing the Creed

Every Sunday, millions of Orthodox Christians around the world recite the Creed. When we say the Creed, do we realize what a remarkable thing it is that we’re doing?

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Metropolitan's Encyclicals December 17, 2012

Christmas Encyclical 2012

"The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light." –Isaiah 9:2

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Metropolitan's Messages December 14, 2012

On the Connecticut Shooting

A message from His Eminence Metropolitan Gerasimos of San Francisco concerning the Connecticut shooting.

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